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Storify Placeholder

Simplify the workflow of your editors by integrating Storify directly in the article/blog post template of your CMS.

The Storify Placeholder will automatically render the story associated to the current URL of the page (if any). If no story has been created yet for that page and if you are logged into as an editor of your account, it will show a "Create a Storify" button. Clicking this button will open the Storify editor in a new tab. Clicking publish from the editor will render your story at the location of the Placeholder, without any need to work with an embed code.


Add the Storify Placeholder to your site, and position it on the page, by adding the following script.

<script src="//$USERNAME" async></script>


Add arguments to adjust parameters. All attributes listed here, other than username, are optional.

AttributeDefinitionDefault value
usernameUsername of your Storify account.None. Only editors of that Storify account will see the "Create a Storify" button placeholder when there is no story associated to the current URL.
slugSlug of the story to create.Slug of the current page. (Current URL minus the domain.)
titleTitle of the story to create.Title of the current page.
templateTemplate to use to render the story.None. Default story template. Could also be "slideshow" or "grid".
canonicalCanonical URL.URL of the current page.