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Storify button

Storify this button

The Storify button can be associated with any permanent media or text on the web. Clicking the Storify button sends the associated content to the user's Storypad, allowing them to easily include it in their stories.





You can add the Storify button to your site by putting the following script in the head of your page:

<script src="//"></script>

You can then include the anchors with the storify-this class alongside any content you want to make 'Storifyable':

<a href="$URL_TO_IMPORT" class="storify-this">[Storify]</a>

Where $URL_TO_IMPORT is the permalink of the page that you want to import in a story.


You can adjust different optional parameters by adding data- attributes in the <a href=""></a> tag:

AttributeDefinitionDefault value
data-titleTitle of the pagetitle of the page at URL_TO_IMPORT
data-quoteA quote to associate with the contentmeta property description of the page at URL_TO_IMPORT
data-imageImage of the pagemeta property og:image of the page at URL_TO_IMPORT
data-viaURL of the referrerURL of the page where the button is
data-langLanguage for the interface (not implemented yet)en


<a class="storify-this" href="" data-via="" data-lang="en">[Storify this nytimes article]</a> 

<a class="storify-this" href="!/newsycombinator/status/69899876112150529" data-via="techcrunch" data-lang="en">[Storify this tweet]</a> 

<a class="storify-this" href="" data-oembed="">[Storify this slideshare]</a>

<a class="storify-this" href="">[Storify this video]</a>